New YouTube Tutorial

Learn how I add super gritty and organic looking textures to my text, posters and covers. I've explained everything in detail on how you can use your own textures for adding awesome details to your work.

Introducing Swiggy Genie

I was given the opportunity to make some videos for Swiggy Genie. I've done both the narration and editing for the "Buy Anything" and "Send or pick-up anything from anywhere" videos, under the guidance of my senior managers at Swiggy.

Premium Texture Packs

You can use these texture packs (Concrete, Cracked, Grungy) and learn from my free Tutorial to add amazing detail to your poster and artworks. The textures are high quality and will save you a lot of effort.

Social Media Work: Swiggy Design

I along with my Manager at Swiggy, Saptarshi Prakash started a new Instagram handle, to share about the Product Design Team at Swiggy. I have done the scripting, capturing, direction and editing of all the videos uploaded on this Instagram Page (uptil March 2020)

Thinking Behind my Instagram Story Designs

a brief attempt at sharing my process of using Instagram Stories to promote my show "Take it Easy" on Instagram. I wanted to make sure that I keep on iterating after every few episodes to reach a good brand identity for my Season 1. Here is all the thinking that went into it.

New Article on Medium!

I've always been told to be fearless but this advice gave me more of anxiety than clarity. However, in the past 4-5 months, I've come up with a realisation that has helped me gain more perspective and increase the amount of courage I show in my day to day life.

My Last Marketing Gig at College

Bonfire of Dreams was VIT's biggest musical and I was called to handle its Publicity and Marketing for Instagram. I've shared how my team and I came up with a Schedule, a Theme for our Character Art as well as the blueprint for a successful teaser video inspired by Netflix.

Amafy App - UX Design Project

This is one of the freelance UX Projects I took for Bharg, known as 'Amafy'. Amafy allows you to ask questions and get answers from professionals across all popular domains and topics with genuine credibility.

Bharg - Design and Branding

I took over a Branding and Website Design Freelance Project for a company called BHARG based in Switzerland. I was responsible for collecting all the ideas, coming up with concepts and the logo along with a clean, fresh and minimal website design for their overall Branding. Here is a basic compilation of some things I came up with during the project.

UX Design Internship at Swiggy!

Proud to share that I was the first Product Design Intern at Swiggy. Coincidently, Swiggy is also the first company I ever interned at! This is a short article about being an intern at Swiggy Product Design Team.

New Article

Instead of making your aims as end goals, consider them as a milestones because milestones are not missed, they are only delayed (Read...)

hackHarvard 2018

I feel blessed to share that I was given a chance to visit Harvard University for their annual tech event HackHarvard 2018 to compete with some of the most innovative brains on planet. My team and I developed an app within 36 hours that allows you to tap on any food item and get its information in augmented reality live on your iPhone.

pursuing both internal and external success since '98

when someone asks me what I do

HackMIT 2018

I am extremely grateful to VIT for sending me to one of the world's most prestigious college hacks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Boston. This was the first time I was ever travelling alone without my parents so far. I had an amazing trip because of my friends, family and teachers.

March 23, 2019

I was a filmmaker before I joined a Computer Science college. Filmmaking had taught me some of the most important lessons in life that have helped me throughout my life till this point. ISTE VIT gave me an opportunity to take a 6 hr session where I shared my tips on Filmmaking and the beauty of it.

Special Achievers Award

proud to share that I have received the Special Achiever Award at Vellore Institute of Technology's Annual University Day 'for exemplary performance at various International Events and in recognition of meritorious academic performance'

About Me

I studied at Modern School, Barakhamba Road New Delhi and currently I'm a student pursuing a B.Tech in Computer Science from VIT, Vellore. I have a strong passion for fields involving design, marketing and filmmaking. I have been blessed with amazing parents and God has shown me a lot of inspiring things. This website is just a portal to share my experiences and ideas.